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The UWA Albany Foundation was formed in 1999, following the establishment of the UWA Albany Centre.

Its main aims were to promote and support UWA's development in Albany by building links with industry and by raising funds to facilitate teaching and research in the region.

The Foundation played a significant role in lobbying for government funds to support UWA Albany activities and expansion, and in providing links to the corporate and community sectors of the wider Albany community.

It promoted the University's educational and research activities in the Albany region by providing financial and other forms of support, including:

  • awarding scholarships to UWA students from outside the Perth metropolitan area
  • promoting joint research projects between private enterprise, government and the Centre
  • raising funds
  • promoting collaboration between universities
  • serving as an advisory committee for the Centre to facilitate interaction between the Centre and the wider community

The UWA Albany Foundation was wound up in 2011.