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Lecture Capture System (LCS)

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Lectures at the UWA Albany Centre are delivered using the Lecture Capture System (LCS).

Lectures are recorded in Perth and are then available to all students with an internet connection. Most students choose to listen in the computer facility at the Centre.

All LCS recording material is streamed: that is to say, it streams from the internet and is played immediately.

This means that nothing is downloaded onto your computer and that you can move ahead or replay a portion of the LCS recording as you wish. However, the choice of stream depends on the computer you are using and the speed of your internet connection.

If you have a slow (modem) connection then you may only be able to listen to the LCS recording but not view any video material that is available.

If you have a faster link (broadband such as ADSL or cable) you can choose one of the video options.